About the Pandalion

What the heck is a pandalion anyway?

The real pandalion

The Pandalion (who also goes by the name of Paula) is a 27 year old web designer/front end developer who is particularly in love with CSS, jQuery, UI design, and also enjoys dabbling in Django/back-end technologies/whatever she gets the chance to dabble in. Never quite able to decide whether she wanted to be purely a designer or a developer, she's happiest when working on stuff that all round makes a great, enjoyable user experience, and she's pretty addicted to learning more and improving her ninja skillz.

When she’s not looking at a computer screen, or reading web development books, she’s often playing on one of her beloved videogame consoles, such as the Xbox or Sega Megadrive - she has a passion for the art, love and adventure that goes into a good videogame. Occasionally (very occasionally) she stops looking at screens and does some real life adventuring, such as travelling on trains and eating at lovely restaurants (especially thai and sushi). She lives with her pet hamster Minsc.

As you can probably tell from her site and internet pseudonym, the Pandalion has a penchant for animals and cute things, and enjoys drawing them when she gets the time. She likes peace and quiet and staying indoors too much, and also thinks that no matter what’s going on in the world, a lovely cup of tea makes everything better.

She's not sure why she wrote this bit in the third person, except that she somehow finds it easier to talk about herself like that.

Find me online

I'm always happy to talk to new people, so feel free to add me on any of these sites!

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  • GithubWeb things I'm working on at Github (more here soon hopefully!)

About the site

My site was built with Django, hand-coded in Sublime Text, and the CSS made more manageable with Sass. The pandalion illustration and background were drawn by me with a Wacom Bamboo tablet in Photoshop. This site is pretty much a constant work in progress, and my personal playground for trying out new things. It's also the first time I've attempted to build my own blog from the ground up, so I'll be gradually trying to get more functionality into the site. That said, if you have any feedback, it's always welcome, so hit me up on twitter!

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