Funk-funk-e pals

Nov. 4, 2012, 1:04 p.m. in Art

Funk-Funk-E Pals

This week I met up with an old friend who I haven't seen in something like 8 years! We were best friends when we were younger, but unlike a lot of friends who you kinda know at school just "because" and drift apart when you're older, we've always had a pretty good connection, and it was great to find out this week that it was still there. :D

We had such a fun day recounting silly memories of schoolgirl crushes, or wandering around with our walkman together listening to Backstreet Boys and Radiohead. Apart from both being pretty similar in terms of being creative and into the same music, one of the biggest things we share is our love for videogames!

And the videogame that pretty much defines our childhood and friendship is without a doubt, Toejam and Earl, which inspired this drawing :) We used to play on the Sega Megadrive a lot together and the wonderful thing about Toejam and Earl was the hilarious co-op mode you could play on both games. The funny comments and quips they would say to each other, and the way you could face each other, crouch and high-five to share your health equally. Despite the fact that the first Toejam and Earl game came out 21 years ago, I still think today that they had one of the best friendships portrayed in a videogame, throughout both games (I'm pretending the third didn't exist *cough*). They shared funny and even touching moments - such as when they both have love interests in the second game - and they always supported each other :)

I always played as Earl (the sorta lazy, sleepy, clumsy one XD) and she Toejam (the sensible one telling him to get a move on!) and we still use the nicknames TJ and Big Earl for each other now XD It makes me really happy that an awesome videogame and an awesome friendship are equally timeless :)