Yay, Winter!

Oct. 26, 2012, 3:18 p.m. in Art

Why the Pandalion likes Winter

It's Winter, and it's getting colder, which inspired me to make this drawing featuring the Pandalion. I think Winter is my favourite season! :D To expand on the points drawn above:

  • Snuggly layers!
    Whilst Summer can get unbearably hot and it's hard to cool down, I think it's *always* pretty easy to warm up in Winter.. even if that means drowning yourself in extra shirts, jumpers, scarves, gloves, etc.. Winter clothes are so cosy! I also have the fluffiest ever slipper sock/boot things my mum bought me this year and they are so amazingly comfortable :D And it's an excuse to buy even more cute scarves and socks ^_^
  • More darkness!
    This may seem an odd thing, as I know lots of people hate the dark mornings, but really, since I've stopped driving a car and started getting a train everywhere, they don't bother me that much! Also perhaps not having such a bad commute these days :) Anyway, the main reason I like the extra darkness is, I have this weird sensitivity to light and get migraines and stuff pretty easily, bright sun tends to make me feel kinda ill :/ The other reason is - my job (web development) and my main hobby (videogames) require screens and screens are so hard to see when it's sunny! XD So yes.. I may be weird but.. I like darkness, I feel more settled and productive!
  • Guilt-free gaming!
    I love to play videogames all year round, but in the Summer when most people are outside, I feel kinda like I should probably be outside too! In Winter however, there's none of that feeling, as the weather outside makes me feel like being inside with my DS is clearly the warmest and most sensible place to be :D

I'm sure I could think of even more reasons I love Winter, such as more videogames being released in time for Christmas, and Christmas itself! (yum, turkey). So anyway, I'm feeling pretty happy that it's Wintertime, and I hope you are also enjoying this season too :D